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[USS Archer] Stardate 240108.14: Duty Log - Lt. Cmdr Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering =/\=

The engineering crews were busy again modifying the Archer's warp engines, at the request of the captain, to extend their warp field to encompass the H'lesk, the idea was to tow the ship at speeds greater than warp four-point-five, a safe and optimal speed for a ship of that size, with an engine core originally designed for a runabout. Lieutenant Gonai worked alongside with the engineering teams reconfiguring the power distribution to adequately sustain both ships while in warp. Kor came up with the idea of tying the H'lesk's own power generators with Archer's, since H'lesk warp core is now Federation-based, the power will be compatible.

Keith sat at his desk, in front of his desk console, and performed various simulations, ensuring that their modifications doesn't expose either ship to any danger. After the seventy-third simulation and another positive result, Keith felt satisfied with the outcome and assigned an engineering to begin modifications.

=/\= Minutes later =/\=

The clock hadn't elapsed fifteen minutes when his engineering team responsible for modifying the power distribution completed their task. Reviewing their work and satisfied, he contacted Lieutenant Gonai with the update. Keith had communications channels opened with the bridge and could hear the captain's voice in the background. "Mr. Kor, have you coordinated with engineering preparing the warp field to include the H'lesk?" the captain asked, to which, Kor acknowledged and notified engineering to engage the warp field.

Molir looked toward his engineers. "Lieutenant," he said to his assistant chief engineer, "begin to extend the warp field." Tyler nodded, engaged the warp field controls and increased the power to the warp bubble. This was soon followed with the increase warp core pulsing as more energy is being fed into the core itself. Plasma streams, observed from the outside, can be seen swirling within the reaction chamber. Both ships entered warp, stars in the background begin to streak past the ships, like glowing lances.

=/\= USS Archer / Captain's Conference Room =/\=
=/\= (0.8 light years from Gaeton) =/\=

Sidra was already setting up the area for the meeting, Keith and some of his engineering staff were also in the room along with Jason Dean, Ensign Genk, and Doctor Triss. Soon afterwards, Captain Salek, Commander Chesek and the Gaetoni representatives joined the crowd.

"Thank you all for being here promptly," started Captain Salek, "if you could all take your seats, we'll begin, and get both the Archer and H'lesk under way."

Irina cleared her throat. "Although we are still half a day's journey from Gaeton at warp 4, we are also at a juncture to continue on toward Elysium."

Both Varn and Kormut looked at the deltan woman in confusion. "I thought we've decided we'd be returning to Gaeton?" asked the captain, nervously scratching the fur on his chest.

"That's right, captain," she replied. "However, one of our officers has done some research, and has an alternate proposal, based on some rather... personal experience." She turned to Jason and indicated that he should proceed.

Jason Dean then proceeded to describe the technology that brought him and some of his family into being at the GELFworks. The biolabs that created the genetically engineered life forms could fairly readily map the Gaetoni genome, and create and encode their offspring genetically so that no malign recessives should ever surface, even with a comparatively small population sample.

Captain Varn apparently wasn't too happy with the idea as he voiced his objections to the idea. "Although we ... appreciate your offer," he said, struggling to keep his personal feelings separate from what was obviously a good-intentioned offer from the beings who'd already helped them in so many ways, "I am most certain, lieutenant, that we would not be interested."

Jason was about to attempt a persuasive argument when he noticed Irina's facial expression indicating that it would be best if he dropped the matter.

Salek cleared his throat, bringing the attention off Jason, and continued. "Very well then," he said. "We'll be proceeding with the original plan. Mr. Keith?" He turned to Molir, who, as was his custom, had sat thoughtfully quiet throughout the meeting. The bajoran stood and raised his voice. "I'll be leading a team of engineers on the H'lesk who will supervise the function of the warp core during the journey, and lend a hand or answer questions if your engineers run into any problems with it."

Varn nodded his thanks, and the meeting went on. Molir couldn't help wonder about the Gaetoni's objection to Jason's plan. Something about the whole thing didn't sit right with him.

Governor Kornut made a request to Captain Salek, "Captain. I was wondering if it would be possible to stay aboard your vessel. It may be beneficial to have a Gaetoni representative on your ship when it enters Gaetoni space." He smiled somewhat sheepishly. "My people weren't particularly known for their hospitality toward outsiders. Perhaps with one of their own aboard..."

The captain agreed with the Governor's proposal. "Governor Kormut," he said, "it would be most agreeable to have you remain aboard, and your reasoning is most logical." The old professor lowered his head humbly.

With that, Bolin ta Varn stood and said that he should be getting back to his ship. Keith nodded, and said that his team would be joining them shortly. After the alien captain left, Irina stood, and cleared her throat. "Before we dismiss the rest of you, we do have some other business to attend to."

Molir smiled, familiar to this particular wording. The Captain's first target was Ensign Jake Holmes. "Ensign Jake Holmes," said Salek, standing and turning to the engineer, "reports from your supervisor have been consistently impressive, and shows that your are a credit to your department." Jake glanced briefly at Molir, who stood, arms folded, toward the back of the room, wearing a soft smile. "It is my pleasure," continued the Captain, "to award you the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade, along with all rights and privileges associated therein." Irina added a hollow pip to his collar as Salek moved along to Marcus Genk and then to Jason Dean ... each promoted for their outstanding performances.

Salek concluded the promotions, "Mr. Keith, I believe you have some staff to transport to the H'lesk?"

"Aye, sir," replied the bajoran, who then turned to Lieutenant (jg) Holmes. "Lieutenant, as one of your first duties, commiserate with your new rank, you will be remaining on the Archer and will be in charge of engineering while Mr. Johnson, myself and the rest of our team transport to the H'lesk."

"Try not to break the ship," quipped Tyler, grinning at the Jake.

=/\= H'lesk / Main Engineering =/\=

The H'lesk new warp core had been functioning within normal operational parameters. Both Keith and Johnson were occupied with instructing the H'lesk engineering teams on now to operate their new warp core. Other Archer engineers were each accompanied with one or two H'lesk engineers, watching, learning and getting some hands on experiences with the monitors and gauges.

"Remember to keep the plasma injectors free of any contaminants," said Molir as he explained the workings of the plasma injectors. "The flow regulators are the next critical component in the workings of the warp core. Similar to neutrino-phase compensation units, the flow regulators will ensure that the energy ions are properly aligned for the most optimal output."

"Commander!" shouted an engineer. Molir quickly turned his head toward the direction of the voice. "One of the SALFeRs just came online and it's attempting to override the ship's environmental systems."

Before Molir could offer a suggestion, "Commander! Another SALFeR here is trying to reroute the ship's internal security."

"Shut them down!" he shouted to one of the Gaetoni roboticist.

The roboticist tried desperately to override the SALFeRs in main engineering but his facial expression wasn't a good sign. Molir ran to the control system trying to counter the SALFeRs attempt to sabotage their work. He tapped his comm-badge, "Fajil to MacLaren."

{{ MacLaren }}: "MacLaren here, what is it, Commander?"

"Two of the deactivated SALFeRs have activated and are trying to take over control of the ship again," he updated Sidra. "It seems they are hitting environmental controls first. Do you know what is causing this sudden change?"

{{ MacLaren}}: "Not yet, Commander. I'm sending Mittel down to join the security team and Dr. Hall to treat any injuries you may acquire. She nodded to the two, sending them on their way. "Keep me informed of the situation, Fajil."

Without warning, Ensign Grayson Gellar was violently pushed onto an engineering control console and knocked unconscious, as another SALFeR had been activated. He though he heard the SALFeR say 'decontaminate.'

"Everyone, watch out for the SALFeRs," he said. "We don't have control!"

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