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#1510 FREEZE WARNING - Montgomery County, MD

The National Weather Service has issued a FREEZE WARNING for Montgomery County until 9am tomorrow. Temperatures in the upper 20s and lower 30s expected tonight and these temperatures may kill sensitive crops and vegetation. The issuance of a FREEZE WARNING usually indicates the end of the growing season for the area warned.
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Clueless Trick-n-Treat'ers #halloween

Halloween is lost on today’s youth or simply not instructed in the ways of Halloween protocol/ethics.  We just had a group of clueless trick-n-treat’ers wearing NO costumes, knocking on EVERY door and asking for candy. 

Here’s the deal.  It’s not closely to being dark.  When the porch light is not on that either means the people in the house are NOT participating with giving out candy, they are NOT home or they no longer have candy to give.  You don’t knock on houses that don’t have lights on or any indication that they are giving out candy.

Second, if you’re wearing a costume – don’t expect to get candy.  If you’re not going to make any effort then don’t expect any candy.

Do people no-longer understand the ways of Halloween and Trick-n-Treat’ing?
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#1503 TORNADO WATCH, Montgomery County, MD #tornadowatch

Another round of severe storms possible this afternoon. Tornadoes,
hail, winds of 70MPH possible.

The National Weather Service has issued a TORNADO WATCH for Montgomery
County effective immediately until 8pm tonight. Atmospheric conditions
are favorable for tornadic development in some of these storms. The
public can report severe weather by replying to this alert.

Be prepared. Tornadoes can form from severe thunderstorms with little
or no advanced warning. Know your safe room in your home, at school,
and at work.  If driving and a tornado is spotted, leave your car
immediately and move to shelter or a low lying area. Do not use
highway overpasses as shelters. Remain alert for the issuance of

SKYWARN activation has been requested and spotters are asked to relay
any damage reports to the Montgomery County Office of Emergency
Management and the National Weather Service in Sterling VA.

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ABC Gives Full Season to "No Ordinary Family"

ABC has picked up additional episodes of new and returning series for the 2010-11 Season, it was announced today by Paul Lee, president, ABC Entertainment Group. New series "Better With You" and "No Ordinary Family" receive full season orders, and additional episodes were ordered for "Detroit 1-8-7" and returning series "Brothers & Sisters."

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Alert Montgomery County, MD

Randolph Road is closed in both directions East of Rockville Pike between Parklawn Drive and Nebel Street.

Sent by Montgomery County to All users (E-mail accounts, Pagers, cell phones) through Alert Gaithersburg - Powered by the Roam Secure Alert Network