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Verizon Charges for a Service They Don't Deliver #verizon

When I first moved into my current home, I purchased a business DSL package that would grant me 1.5Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up but because of my location and distance from the Central Office, I can only get 1.5Mbps down and 128Kbps up.  I accepted this condition and they charged me based on that fact.  This has been the case till after my June 2010 phone bill.

On my July 2010 Verizon bill, it states that my internet package has changed from 1.5Mbps/128 to 3Mbps/768 and they tacked on an extra $2.00 for the service.  Then on my September 2010 Verizon bill, there's another change to my internet package statement and this time it states 1.5 to 3 Mbps (assuming down), nothing about my up-service.

I am sure I'm not getting anywhere between the guaranteed speeds of 1.5Mbps to 3.0Mbps down (see image below).  I went on and as you can see from the test, I'm not even getting the guaranteed minimum down speed.

Is anyone else getting pricing for a service they're not being provided by Verizon?
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FLASH FLOOD WATCH: Montgomery County (MOCO), Maryland

Tropical Storm Nicole has formed in the Carribean. This storm system is expected to move towards the region tomorrow and will produce a minimal wind threat, but a significant rainfall event for Montgomery County.

The National Weather Service has issued a FLASH FLOOD WATCH for Montgomery County until Thursday Evening. In excess of 4" of rainfall may be possible in some areas. Expected heavy rains may have the potential to cause severe and unexpected flash flooding within the next 24 hours.

Flash Floods kill more people every year than any other weather hazard. Do not drive through flooded areas. As little as 2 feet of water can sweep a vehicle off the road. Please stay alert for any warnings.

Sent on: 09/29 11:30

Sent by Montgomery County to Montgomery County Severe Weather (E-mail accounts, Pagers, cell phones) through Alert Gaithersburg - Powered by the Roam Secure Alert Network
- You received this message because you are registered on Alert Gaithersburg. Update your account or authenticate this alert by going to

- Tell others about Alert Gaithersburg! by forwarding this message to them and encouraging them go to to register for this free service.

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Montgomery County, MD: Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Severe Thunderstorm Watch now in effect for area until 10pm. Severe Thunderstorm will move through central Montgomery County over the next hour. Damaging wind, hail, and rainfall of 1" possible.

The National Weather Service has issued a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING for Montgomery County until 3:30. At 2:47PM EDT, Doppler radar indicated a thunderstorm approaching the County which has intensified past severe limits.

All outdoor activities in the following areas should be postponed until this storm passes.

Locations in the path of this storm include:

Severe Thunderstorms can produce tornadoes with little or no advanced warning. Residents are urged to seek safe shelter indoors until the storm passes and remain alert for any additional warnings. Any resident can report severe weather by replying to this alert, and the public is encouraged to do so.

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Explain This Dream...

For all you dream analysis buffs, see if you can explain this dream to me.

"I walking inside what appears to be a large complex with stone/concrete staircases/stairways, through various doorways and hallways.  I holding my son (3 years old) which is arms draped around my neck for support.  While walking, I noticed that some of the occupants to be doll like, plastic-like construction, no specific features detailing the face or body, just very general like features.  I also noticed that my son in my arms has been turned into one of these plastic-like dolls.  At the same time, my hands have been metamorphosing, parts of my fingers are still organic as well as sections of my palm.  I tried very hard to will myself into reversing the metamorphosis and was successful and that's when I noticed that some of thoses plastic, doll-like figures have reverted back, walking and talking.  I look down to find my son changed into a furry animal doll. In my mind, I think I may have picked up the wrong 'doll' and I now frantically searched for my son."

That's when the dream ended and changed into a new chapter.

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Holy Ticket Prices - Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

I had plan on going to see the midnight showing of "Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D" but after seeing the midnight movie prices, I think I'll just wait till later. The AMC theaters at The Washingtonian Rio is charging $15.00 per ticket while the Regal Theaters in Rockville is charging $14.50. The price for regular day viewing is $13 at the Rio and $12.50 at the Regal. The Rio normally charges $6 for any movie viewing before noon but they're charging $10 instead.

Why are ticket prices for the 3D movie more expensive than the regular filming (2D)? Is this normal practice for 3D viewing versus 2D?

As much as I love watching Milla Jovovich in her returning role of Alice, I'm going to watch it another time when it available on Netflix/RedBox/DirecTV. No way am I going to spend $15/$30 for it.