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highway's Journal

Life is a Highway
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"Something about Highway"

HIGHWAY marvels at the wonder of life. He is constantly on the go. Nothing holds his attention for a long period of time. He has a quick wit and is knowledgeable about life in general. As a result, he is a good conversationalist. He loves to find out as much as he can about a person, drawing out many interesting facts while avoiding any questions. Long, intense discussions leave him totally bored. On the surface, he seem to be a bit superficial, however this is not true. Romance seems light and carefree, but he is totally devoted to his mate. Jealousy is not one of his faults, therefore he finds it difficult to tolerate from his mate. His partner rarely sees him once he arrives at social functions since he bounces from person to person.

He is very fascinated by the physical world, but not the emotional one. He is extremely interesting. He enjoy being with other interesting people. When boredom strikes, he can get nervous and leave. He is generally easy to live with. He can't spend too much time on any one subject, because he is afraid he might miss something else. He enjoys learning things on his own. Life usually fascinates him.

Notable Lines:
"You ask why we give our ships' computers normal emotions. Do you really want a warship incapable of loyalty? Or of love?"

- The Unshattered Allegiance.
High Guard Frigate Artificial Intelligence Rights Activist.
CY 7309

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